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Welcome to my brand new upcycling blog ‘Council House Cottage.’
The premise of its existence is quite simple. I have a council house that I wish to look like a cottage, and voila ‘council house cottage’ is born. I am very aware it isn’t the cleverest of titles, but it is what it is.

For those who don’t know what a council house is, it’s government subsidised social housing for low income families. My husband is a member of frontline emergency staff for East of England Ambulances services, (NOT an ambulance driver, as Mr Hunt said) and I am a carer for my autistic son. I also have a female child, and two female dogs…not to confused with one another.
Here are a few of my most recent upcycles

You might have noticed there is a predominant theme of green in my work. This could be because green is my favourite colour (I even got married in green.)
But mainly it’s because when I did my stairs 

We bought a big can of tropic green paint. 

And when I decided to paint these units,  

we also got a can in the same colour. (I wasn’t paying attention and let the husband choose.)

Consequently, we have a lot of green, and two thirds of a tub of Bali blue. So with ten ton of donated biscuit, sandstone and good old fashioned magnolia paint, it is an up cycling blog after all (and I will scrounge anything) I will probably be doing a lot of projects in green.

Follow me anyway, it might be fun.