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These are my dining chairs, and I was very happy with them, even though they’re painted with regular emulsion and are chipping like bastards, I love my chairs.

Then, one day when we were doing our weekly shop of luxury icecream and haribo’s up at the town, we popped into DD Furnishings, (A bed shop that also sells quality second hand furniture.)

Here we found this Ercol style, ladder backed carver. 

The Mister was instantly smitten, and immediately decided I should paint it red. I wanted duck egg blue/green and told him jog on. Then I felt bad, he is an indulgent man really. He let me paint my stairs multi-coloured, make rusty barbecues, dolls prams, and filing cabinets into planters…he  barely raised an eyebrow when I painted the front of my house to look like a beach hut.

Here he is, trying to fashion a Game of Thrones chair from bamboo. I haven’t got a picture of the finished article because it proved to be umm…he didn’t…errr… My husband’s brilliant at making cakes, a foofing genius! and that’s all I have to say on the subject.

So I went looking for shabby chic red chairs and found one on Pinterest.

I began by trying to make a pillar box red chalk paint out of the paint samples I had. Alas, it looked…not how I wanted it to.

I went and bought myself a tub of flame, and only after three more coats did I get the look I was going for.

Then began the patchwork. Oh yeah, this is real patchwork.

With my rotary cutter I cut out loads of three inch by three inch squares. (I got the fabric in a bundle on Amazon.)

Sewed them all together like this…

(This article is probably better than me having a massive blog telling you how to quilt.) You’ll probably understand it better as well.

…and the finished chair.

The wipe clean vinyl covering was my buddy’s awesome idea. Saves a whole days patch working from my mucky pups.

And now my job is done, council house cottage awaay!