…forgive me for this abortion of quality furniture.

Those who know me well, know I’m a diffident narcissist who frequently googles herself. Since this blog’s birth, I’ve been word pressing meself as well. Don’t judge me, I know you do it too, and if you don’t, try it…’tis liberating!

Anyhoo…I stumbled across this blog.

Now, he/she (I didn’t look at the bio) is angry, that’s obvious, and what this person is saying is also entirely valid. But…I can’t let this opportunity pass without a plaintive cry of defence.

You search eBay, and you will find a welter of beautiful dark oak furniture going for pennies.

These two sideboards went for a combined total £2.24. I bought them from an elderly couple who were downsizing. They told me if the units hadn’t sold this time, their son was going to take a sledge hammer to them, and put them in a skip. Oof, they’re solid oak! You can see their makeovers further down the blog

This mahogany unit was 99p, and this oak cabinet was a pricey purchase of £20.

I’ve watched this sideboard not sell thrice, and huffed like a stroppy thing because Captain No Fun rudely told me we don’t have anymore room for projects.

This was pulled out of a skip by my husband’s colleague.

And I turned it into this.

Beautiful furniture is being debauched in a way that would make Jesus cry, and I too am guilty of this sin. However, I’m also saving it from landfill. In the future, when the fashion rolls round again, and somebody shakes their head at the hatchet job I did on an antique beauty. At least it will still be there to return to its glory.